• Cool
  • Fruity
  • Rich
30 / 70
Right out of the bottle. Yet to experiment with steeping. Thanks for the reminder.
When I still was on the analogues, my family and I went to my brothers for a Sunday family roast.

My brother and I proceeded to the pool table as the roast was in the oven. 
He had his vape pen there. So I gave a mild hit. I coughed of course, but the flavour that hit my senses was in the best of any flavour I'd ever had. So I took another, mmmm sweet blackberry mint going down, refreshing mint and a flavour I recognised but didn't was coming out. It was at this point I knew I had found my golden ticket off analogues. I enquired as to what's that other flavour here, he looked at me and smiled "cucumber". I didn't expect to hear that. I still am enjoying the black ice very often. In fact I just checked stock, I'm low (1 sealed bottle left). 

Yes this is a drawn out review, I don't care, this juice is what tipped the scales for me to finish a 20 year long habit. 
A absolute masterpiece of flavour that anyone and everyone must try. To liken to another flavour, heartbeat candy and more. 

Live lightly

Reviewed using: Aramax Power with standard tank with standard aramax coils 0.14ohm at 55w. Considering I had sampled my bro's, the aramax performed well. Also, I have also tried with Eleaf ELLO Duro Atomizer on top of the Aramax. Then a eleaf ello ijust 3 with aforementioned sub ohm tank. This also produced fantastic flavour. This week I will be taking delivery of a Vaporesso Cascade 7ml SE Tank. I'll report back on that one.
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