Tsunami Mech Kit by Geek Vape

The glossy silk dark mod sleeve coordinates the dark complete on the Tsunami Pro pleasantly, and the mod has a relatively rich look. The RDA lines up consummately with the mod when introduced utilizing the direct-to-battery top on the mod.

The mod has a decent haul and hand feel with the silk complete and 25 diameter.

I pull the froth embed from the crate and locate the manual, saves, and the Geekvape T-device for building the RDA. Love the T-tool.
Also there are two types of top cap options you have. Which allow you to choose 510 mode connection between hybrid.

To install the 510 top, you should first expel the change and sleeve from the mod tube. The switch strings are very much machined and smooth. I remove the sleeve and discover an o-ring around 66% up the body to help cozy the sleeve and anticipate shake. Once expelled, I locate the best top strings are even better than those on the switch, and impeccably machined.

I install the 510 cap, sleeve and catch to the strong metal body. The 510 topcap drives the heaviness of the Black Ring Plus from 168 to 180 grams, and the length increments from 91 to 96 millimeters.