I can clearly describe it as a great flavor RDA. Again the flavor you'll get with this Goon LP will be top-notch but it still has it's own cons. 

First of all build deck is very tiny and you'll have hard time fitting any coin with 2.5 mm inner diameter as it'll be nearly touching the top cap. So a coil with 2 mm inner diameter will be a better fit for this RDA.

Yet again it can get quite hot after a few chains, though uldem top-cap is a good replacement for the purpose.

Overall, if you are a collector or a flavor chaser, you should give this a try!
The Goon LP RDA is a flavor atty.
 It's planned for dual coil use and the perfect wattage is anyplace between 40 – 75W, depending on your build ofc :)

 It gets hot when chain vaping, yet the ULTEM top cap comes in handy. Flavor and vapor production are simply amazing and the fabricate quality is choice. Certainly justified regardless of the cost, in case you're searching for quality and performance. This could be your choice.

And keeping in mind that the 510 pin distends adequately and it's publicized as "half breed safe" we wouldn't suggest utilizing this atomizer on a hybrid mech mods, or mech mods when all is said in done. This is on the grounds that the coils can touch the top in case you're not giving careful consideration while adjusting the manufacture. You can simply utilize the ULTEM top to keep away from this, however I thought it was something worth saying. Always stay safe on your builds kids!   

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