Taffy Man - TR4 BLU

TR4 BLU - Taffy Man

Although a little awkwardly spelt, Taffyman’s Tr4 Blu(or True Blue) features the eLi..

Taffy Man - K3NANA

K3NANA - Taffy Man

A marriage of delicious tropical fruits, Taffy Man’s K3NANA (KENANA) is a tasty swee..

Taffy Man - GR8 APE

GR8 APE - Taffy Man

Taffyman’s Gr8 Ape (Grape) eLiquid features the classic candy sweet taste of saltwat..

Taffy Man - H20 Berry

H20 Berry - Taffy Man

With a classic fruity flavour profile, along with Taffy Man’s signature sweet candy ..

Taffy Man - B1g Apl

B1g Apl - Taffy Man

B1g Apl from Taffy Man is a perfectly balanced sweet and sour eLiquid, featuring the tart ..

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