Infographic: Vaping 101

What is vaping?

Vaping is when a person uses an electronic cigarette or e-cigarette to vaporize e-liquid which the person will then inhale. The vapor that is produced from e-cigarettes is different than what normal cigarettes produce when smoked.

Since the e-juice that is being vaporized contains much less chemicals and other substances found in normal cigarettes, it can be seen as having a much less harmful effect to the outside world when vaporized.

In addition, the smell from smoking normal cigarettes is something that many people hate due to its strong distinct smell, as with vaping you do not leave a stench on your clothing, or to the area around you.

Vaping does have a smell to it, but usually will smell like the type of e-liquid that you are vaporizing. The liquid inside of the e-cigarette or vaping device, which is commonly known as vape pens, or box mods with attached atomizers, is e-juice.

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