Hello vapers, again :)

I’m proud to announce VapingDB —https://vapingdb.com, the next vaping database site for you vapers out there!

Before continuing on the story behind VapingDB, let me introduce it first.

Basically, VapingDB is an all-in-one database featuring juice, mod, atomizers reviews and DIY recipes.

Have your ever found yourself searching for reviews of a specific juice, atomizer or mod? If your answer is ‘yes’, you are on the same track with me — which is the reason at first I started working it.

Yes I’m aware of the great vaping review channels like DJLsb, Mike vapes, GrimmGreen, VapingwithTwisted420, pbusardo, IndoorSmokers, The Vaping Bogan and others — and I want to thank them all for their great work.

Still personally I think that we also need ‘user reviews’ as complementary to those. For juices part, JuiceDB has been serving this very well (great work guys!) but for the hardware part, I always thought we lacked one.

So approximately I started working on VapingDB 2 years ago with these ideas in mind.

And as of today VapingDB consists of 3 major sections; juice & hardware reviews and DIY recipes sections.

Similar to JuiceDB, you can review your favorite juices and favorite them or add them to your wishlist. 

Additionally it does have the same functionality for vaping gear, like mods, atomizers and so. 

Yet again it does also have DIY mixer tool where you can save your favorite recipes or search for new ones.

In the rest of the post, I’ll be detailing actual story behind the site.

The story

I have been working on the site for last 2 years :) and I can easily say it worth the effort.

As you can see from the above graph, it all started in March 2016. Back in that time I had just started vaping with a group friends and we were sharing our ideas about juices, mods and atomizers in our Discord group.

The idea emerged in that days that we need some kind of platform that we could share our experiences and as of late March I had already started working on the idea.

Back at those days the project’s name was Buharmetre (meaning “steam-meter”) as it was targeted just for Turkish vaping community. 

Fast-forward a week, I had very primitive version and mentioned about it to my friends. 

After a few months of iterations, I had a usable version up and running. Thanks to word of mouth, it got some traction within the Turkish vaping community very quickly.

You can see a screenshot from October 2016 above — which the site was fully functional and was used by the community actively.

New users were registering the site every new day and they were adding new reviews and it was getting bigger and bigger every day. Everything was going great..

Fast forward to July 2017, the site had a big community at it’s first birthday and we had plenty of user-created content at the day;

  • 591 juice entries, 482 reviews.
  • 131 hardware entries, 71 reviews.
  • 60 DIY recipes.
  • 854 users.

Meanwhile I had meet new friends from the local Turkish vaping community that had other sites and youtube review channels.

One day, I received a message from one of those friends that he had to close his channel because that there were rumors of local authorities would soon start taking legal actions to vaping sites & channels.

In a few days, every major channel & community had to close it’s doors because the rumors started happening. And sadly this was the end of story for Buharmetre.com too. With a heavy hearth, I had to plug out the site.

I never expected this to happen, instead I was expecting legalization vaping. But it did not. It was really a depressing period for me — as all my efforts had gone in a day.

So for following 3 months, I tried out to find solution but eventually it was quite clear that I would be never able to re-open the ‘Buharmetre’ in any foreseeable future.

The VapingDB

With all my efforts gone in day, I decided to start a new site — this time an international one. I had all the base work & code available for so.

So at first, I needed a domain. It had be self-explaining; as the site was going to be a database for vapers, ‘vaping — db’ was a perfect match.

I registered the domain and started working immediately. First of all I had to work on the site’s language and it eventually took some time. Meanwhile, it was also a great time to rework the site’s user-interface — a clean one — as I was not very keen on the old one.

All these changes and improvements on the backend & frontend code took 6 months of hard work.


Finally, I’m done with all the planned changes and decided to start the site’s engines again :)

As the site is now basically feature-complete, I decided to shout it out to vaping world —with the hope of getting the same traction like it’s ancestor ‘Buharmetre’.

I’d like to note that VapingDB is just a way for me paying the community back! 

The future

One thing is clear, I’ve a very crowded TODO list! Though as I do work on the code-base fixing ‘long awaiting’ bugs, cooking improvements, hopefully it’ll not take much time to finish all those awaiting stuff.

Meanwhile, I do have plans for these upcoming features;

  • Business ratings.
  • Flavor stash.
  • Copy recipe support.
  • Being able to select juice for DIY recipes.
  • Deals support.
  • More vaping tools!

That’s all for now guys, keep tuned!

Word of mouth!

If you liked the idea, I’m looking for your help guys and as you know word of mouth is the best way!

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