0.14.0 — changes & upcoming

We have been quite since our last update in our blog. Though we were actually working on improvements.

First of all, the vapingdb.com is now technically 2.5 years old since the start of it’s ancestor buharmetre.com. As you may now, we took down it’s ancestor and opened the international version vapingdb.com like 6 months ago.

Though we didn’t really shouted about it at the very start, we started doing soa few days ago. We should admit that we didn’t expect the great feedback from the community.

Meanwhile, we did some work on the backend based on the feedback we received, mostly fixing bugs — 0.14.0.

Upcoming features

Still working on improvements and fixes we have started cooking new features. Here is a short summary of them.

  • Business reviews.
  • Deals!
  • Giveaways section.

The future

As you may be aware, vapingdb.com is the only independent vaping reviews database as of this month.

So we basically expect more of you guys helping us to build the best vaping reviews database.

Expect more soon and join our discord for discussions & feedback!

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