We have actually started working on a Turkish vaping database "buharmetre.com" at first, but eventually project grow enough that we kickstarted this international version VapingDB.com.


vapingdb.com aims getting #1 database for all vapers where they can find reviews about vaping. The reasoning behind the project is to allow vapers to access information easly.

Free and independent?

Although there are many vaping related channels, sites and media around the internet, they have mostly converted this to a commercial opportunity. Given this we regret getting sponsored by juice & hardware renders for running the site. Although we allow advertising by them, no request on content removals / editing is accepted.


Given that vapingdb.com is a quite new site, we still mostly run the from our pockets. With the current rate of growth, some day in the future we may need advertising deals to be able to continue operating the site.

Still, being "free and independent" is still our #1 rule. So basically you won't see ads from parties who request deletion of negative reviews.

Requirements for registering on the site?

Only requirement for vapingdb.com registration is being +18 years old. If we detect any user not obeying the rule, the account will be deleted.

I want removeal of negative / all reviews of my product on your site.

Given that our platform is a review database for anything vaping related, it's normal that you may see negative reviews with them.

First and foremest, we'd like to admit that every content sent to our site including the reviews are first moderated by us against our terms & rules. If you still believe some content does not fit our terms & conditions, you may ask for a re-moderation.

For copyright infringement, please check our terms & rules page.

How can i help?

vapingdb.com is completely a user-driven site where our users create our content. So basically by submitting new content like product reviews, you'll be basically helping a lot.

Additionally, you may help us by spreading the word so that the site can be discovered by more vapers :)

Is VapingDB a commercial site?

No, vapingdb.com is a completely free database developed by volunteers which will stay so forever.

I want to be a moderator?

You don't need to do anything special for so. If you are an active user participating the site, once we need more moderators, you'll have chance for so :)